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For most people, moving is a hectic and difficult experience, often with more details and problems than the individual or family can handle.  An international move has it's own special requirements and demands.
PriceBreak!Shipping helps customers get organized and provides them with all of the information and assistance you will need for your upcoming international move. We will discuss and inform you  of all you need to know and answer all your questions before your relocation. We will maintain a high quality of service, reduce stress, and make you, the customer, focus on important aspects of the move.

Our shipping consultants provide each of our customers with a free consultation to arrive at the most cost effective and safest solution for shipping household goods and personal effects internationally. We are a full service moving company. All of our moves are customized to fit your specific needs and budget, including door -to-door service as well as packing with materials.

 Expect only superior services!

We explain and handle the logistics and operational aspects of each customer's relocation.


PriceBreak!Shipping  is committed to providing our business and private  customers with the highest  level of quality services. As part of our ongoing performance standards and criteria, our professional shipping consultants and management team receive extensive and ongoing training.


Crates, Pallets, Boxes

We provide a wide variety of custom designed wood crates and boxes. We can help you with the design of your container, construction of your container, and arrange for the shipping and insurance of your item. With our expertise you will get the very finest product that you can find anywhere. And all of this with an extremely competitive price for you too.

We also provide lumber cutting or remanufacturing for a number of companies and industries that need a constant supply of wood parts. We also design and manufacture custom Pallets and Skids.

So whether it is antiques or artwork, motorcycles or jet engines, your favorite chair or department store display cases, or anything you want to ship and want it to arrive in the same condition as when it was packed, then we can help you. We look forward to earning your trust!

You Can Expect

PriceBreak!Shipping  is one of the few companies in the USA to use the ISPM No.15 Stamp. This certifies us to build bug free crates and boxes st1:PersonName w:st="on"> for shipment all over the world.

Custom Crating and Packing

PriceBreak!Shipping  has been designing, building and packing crates for priceless, countless and often famous works of art for over 30 years. Our experienced builders and designers will work to build a crate to protect your artwork for a one time trip or for its endless travels.

We can work with you to select the best wrapping and packing materials based upon the finish of your piece. Our concern for the protection of your work is first and foremost. We can work to provide the most safety for a piece in an economical way, without sacrificing quality or protection.

Our custom crates are created for customers nationwide and internationally.
Expert Packing, Crating & Shipping

Need to Pack, Crate or Ship?  PriceBreak!Shipping
With over 20 years of experience, PriceBreak!Shipping  is the leader in the specialty freight industry, providing expert packing, crating, and shipping services to businesses and residential clients.  PriceBreak!Shipping  has the details covered and will pick-up, insure, pack, crate, ship, and deliver domestically or internationally, via air or ocean. Your one simple call!  We have brick and mortar locations across the country ready to provide a complete quote.  More then 100 agents nationwide and 1000 agents worldwide.

We offer these packaging, crating, and shipping solutions:

Custom Packing & Packaging Shipping
  • Corrugated Packaging
  • Domestic & International Shipping
  • Custom Inter-Packing
  • International Shipping/Cargo Shipping
  • Specialized Custom Cushioning
  • Air Freight
  • Engineered Product Specific Packaging
  • Ocean Cargo

Crates & Containers

  • Ground Transportation
  • Wood Crates & Boxes
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Corrugated Containers & Boxes

Complete Solutions for Any Shipment

  • Custom-Engineered Crates

  • Skids & Pallets

  • MIL-Spec Crates

  • ISPM-15 Certified Wood Crates

  • Museum & Trade Show Crates

  • Knock-Down & Reusable Crates

  • Engineered Product Specific Crates

  • Pick-Up & Delivery, Business & Residential

  • Commercial Pack, Crate & Ship

  • Industrial Pack, Crate & Ship

  • Residential Pack, Crate & Ship

  • High-Value Shipments

  • Insurance Coverage

  •  Residential movers

  • Box Shipping

For businesses needing packing, crating and transportation for multiple pick up and delivery locations, our National Account team has it covered!
We work with hundreds of business worldwide. Contact us to open an account today!

PriceBreak!Shipping  is a full service international  logistics provider with warehouses located nationwide. Our Team of Experts focuses on pick-up, handling, packaging, crating, transportation, and delivery solutions for your products. PriceBreak!Shipping  project manages the crating & logistic needs for all sectors:

-Full residential moves

-Box shipping

-Container shipping

-Jet engines and aircraft wings 

-Manufacturing plants
-Server racks / Computer hardware

-747 flight simulators

-Farm Equipment to Russia





We deliver answers for your logistics problems!

You can rely on PriceBreak!Shipping  to expertly pack, insure, and ship your business assets anywhere in the world. Businesses of any size can reduce costs, conserve capital, and minimize risk by outsourcing their shipping, crating and fulfillment needs to PriceBreak!Shipping  for expert shipping and crating services.

PriceBreak!Shipping  Global Logistics

Our National Account team of shipping transportation professionals can help you with your B2B logistical needs whether you need special care and custom packaging for asset relocation during handling, packaging, crating, insurance, delivery methods or distribution. We have it covered! PriceBreak!Shipping Global Logistics is your transportation and logistics specialist.

PriceBreak!Shipping is an industry leader and prides itself on our reverse logistics system as well being an important part of your strategic business process to ensure returns are handled with as much care and detail  Worldwide, PriceBreak!Shipping  can help you meet your business objectives whether it is by land, sea or air to solve even your most challenging and complicated logistical circumstance.

PriceBreak!Shippping  offers an integrated logistics process of creating an efficient cost effective flow of new or used products from their initial point of consumption and redistributing them for the purpose of recapturing / maximizing value at the end of the item's original useful life.

By utilizing our national presence, we create comprehensive reverse logistics options throughout North America. Our customized packaging solutions ensure that value is not lost due to careless handling. Our comprehensive solutions yield maximum value for our client's assets and create real-time visibility for your asset return process.

Military & Government Crating & Shipping Solutions

With warehouses located nationwide, PriceBreak!Shipping  is uniquely qualified to serve as an off-site crating center or temporary on-site crating unit for all types of government entities in need of professional packing and shipping services. We work with Federal, State, Local Government facilities, military contractors and all branches of the military including the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

From a single crate to multiple wood crates, pallets, boxes, containers, and custom designed packaging or logistics solutions, PriceBreak!Shipping  will advise you on the most efficient and cost effective way to pack, crate, and transport your assets.

Auction, Crating, Packing & Shipping Solutions



Auctions? PriceBreak!Shipping can help. We work with numerous EBAY sellers expand there

market and provide logistics services internationally and domestically. We can pick up, crate/pack and delivery to your customer!!!!!!!!!

Now you need to safely transport the asset to destination. One call to PriceBreak!Shipping provides you with expert packing, crating, shipping and full coverage insurance on all your auction purchases. Whether you buy large items at Industrial Auctions, fragile merchandise at Art & Antique Auctions, or something in between, you can count on our Expertise. Domestically and Internationally.

Art & Antiques

PriceBreak!Shipping  experts has mastered the art of handling, packaging, and transporting fine arts, antiques and heirlooms domestically and Internationally.
We work with hundreds of EBAY online stores.

Museums, auctions, galleries, artists and collectors rely on us to safely move their delicate and valuable pieces across the country and around the world. PriceBreak!Shipping  proven technique begins with your product, assessing risk, storage, environmental factors such as climate, temperature and humidity, pick-up conditions, mode of transport, and final destination requirements. All are factored in to the appropriate container and cushioning system for preventing damage during shipment.

Expert Logistics Solutions

One point of contact. One solution for multiple requirements.

PriceBreak!Shipping  was specifically designed to meet the unique packaging and logistics needs of national and international customers with high-value, sensitive, time critical and multiple pick-up and delivery locations around the world. Solutions for any industry and scope


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