General Tips

If this is your first time relocation or shipping, or you’ve done this a few times before. We suggest you read the information below. It’s helpful, and it will shed more light to an already stressful moment.

Insurance & Liability
How to pick movers
  1. Find out about all extra charges that can normally come up.
  2. Find out the shipping time frame for your specific shipment
  3. Find out methods of payment, International shipping usually takes checks, money orders direct deposit and wire transfer.
  4. International shipping requires payment in full before goods leave the origin port.
  5. Movers will reassemble only large items and place boxes in any area you wish.
  6. Following the initial estimate, the mover will give you another estimate and the final volume is measured at the receiving terminal by a third non vested party.

The type of services you order should compliment your needs and pocket. Request at all times all the options of shipping your cargo regardless of what you will eventually choose. This permits you to compare and get the most bang for your buck.

Port – Port Services

This services is designed for quick and simple boxed or crated items. We have created an easy to use system that breaks the prices into 4 categories depending on the destination you choose. Your responsibilities are as follows:

  1. You must have all items boxed, crated or palletized
  2. You must arrange to deliver your goods to the terminal of your choice.
  3. All boxes must be labeled with booking #, destination address.
  4. Prepare a detailed inventory list with detailing all items in all boxes
  5. Once goods arrive to destination you must arrange to custom clear your shipment.
  6. You must arrange to have your shipment picked up from the terminal.
Our online reservation system makes the process easy, simple and cost effective. The cost is relatively cheap, and the PriceBreak! customer service is always one call or click away.

Move with Family / Children's problems

The obvious signs that should tell you if any of your family members are having a problem with the move::