Learn how to pack

Most people either do not enjoy packing or do not have the time. However there are many items that you can pack by yourself and save money. All clothing and linens, pillows and comforters. Children toys, stuffed animals. We are sure that if you look around your home you can get a good idea of what you can easily drop into a small box. All your files, books, pots and pan.
We can arrange to have boxes shipped for free to your home at a discounted rate. Please ask one of our agents. If your budget does not allow you the privilege of a packing service, you will need to know what materials you will need and also how to pack up each item safely and securely to prevent damage. This guide contains useful tips and information on what to pack, what not to pack and how to pack up many different items. For example, how you pack up your pots and pans will be very different from how you pack up you’re china. Keep in mind that you can purchase all moving supplies from PriceBreak!Shipping

If you do not have the time and have the budget for packing services, PriceBreak!Shipping agents will be able to perform all packing services on the day of the move. If you’re moving an entire home then packing will probably be a day before. You will need to approve all packing cost. You can have partial packing done as well. Consider our agents to pack all heavy or fragile and delicate items.

Extraordinary value items

If any items in your shipment have extraordinary value, you must advise us prior to the pick up and to the mover as well. Items with extraordinary value are considered to be $700 a cubic feet or more. Items can be such as:

All your items will be covered only if you purchase insurance which will then be listed in the cumulative insurance form. You must declare the value of each item separately. The total of your insured goods will include all items and extraordinary items. Any art collection must be accompanied by a certificate of an appraisal house such as ‘Sotheby’s’. If you do not purchase any insurance then your goods are only covered from your home to our terminal. The insurance is provided by the inland carrier, the coverage is minimal at the rate of .60 per pound per article. Please make arrangements with your agents to purchase adequate insurance for your items.

Items not to pack

This section is very important, it outlines what not to pack and what items need professional packing: Homeland Security has strict rules and regulations on what will not be exported:

Type of boxes used for packing

Packing Materials
It is important that you know what packing materials to use for what items. The better the packing the less potential for damages. Below is a list that can guide you in the right direction. PriceBreak!Shipping can have all the packing materials delivered to your door step. The packing materials are specially designed for the moving industry.