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Dear PriceBreak!Shipping,

I am an attorney with memberships to the Michigan Bar Association, New York Bar Association, American Bar Association and several International Bar Associations and I recently moved from the U.S.A. to Doha, Qatar to further my law practice.  I signed with PriceBreakShipping to ship my personal items half way around the world.  I communicated with Dawson Jones, the representative from PBS.  I wanted to inform this forum and anyone else who is deciding on a shipping company about my experience with PriceBreakShipping and its representative Dawson Jones.  Upon signing with PBS, Mr. Jones immediately contacted me informing me of the process and what to expect from my transition.  Just as Mr. Jones informed me, a subcontractor from PBS arrived at my house in Metro-Detroit, Michigan area and packed my wife's and my belongings all the while being very honest and truthful about what items needed special packaging and other items that had the likelihood of not arriving in Doha, Qatar intact.  This information was extremely helpful in saving money and deciding what to ship and what not to ship and what was worth shipping even with the thought that certain items would not arrive in my destination intact.   Just knowing and understanding from professionals what may not be a good idea to ship is worth it weight in gold and it saved us money because we determined not to ship some bigger items that had a high probability of not arriving intact.  We actually reduced our items to be shipped by approximately one-third based on this information, thus saving us substantial money. 


After this process, I had seen a website disparaging PBS and I become very concerned, at which time I contacted Mr. Dawson Jones, who immediately put my concerns to rest and even offered to transfer my items to a competitor of PBS if I would like so that my concerns would disappear.  The way Mr. Jones handled this situation was very professional and respectful of my concerns, to the point I was convinced that Mr. Jones had my best interests in mind.


After I arrived in Doha, Qatar and the shipping arrival date had past, I contacted Mr. Jones, yet again to inquire about my shipped cargo and again he explained the shipping process and the restraints worldwide in the industry, again relieving my concerns about my cargo. 


Upon arrival of my cargo, the agents of PBS delivered and unpacked my items just as Mr. Jones represented to me.  Further, just like PBS, Mr. Dawson Jones and PBS agents represented the items that were specially packaged all arrived safely and intact. 


I recommend PBS and Mr. Dawson Jones for all your shipping needs because of their professionalism and knowledge of the shipping industry.  Due to Mr. Jones' advice, constant communications and immediate responses, my transition to the other side of the world was stress and worry free. 


Please feel free to contact me to verify this recommendation at:


Kind regards to Dawson Jones, 

David DelBoccio, Esq.

Dear PriceBreak!Shipping,
Our shipment from SC to New Zealand went great. Your last minute efforts Saved us thousands of dollars. We greatly appreciate your time, effort, and professional guidance. We recommended you to all our friends. GOOD JOB!

Kevin Atkinson

To Dawson at PriceBreak!Shipping, My first international shipment of personal effects went smoothly and timely, thanks to my very experienced agent Dawson. Not only did he answer all of my many questions, but he did so promptly, including after hour s and on Sundays. I would recommend PriceBreak!Shipping to anyone who looks for a stress-free shipping experience.

Jutta Schoenhals

To whom it may concern, I chose PriceBreak Shipping and worked directly with Richard Bells. I chose door to door service with a 20 foot container. Everything went smoothly - the packers were on time and finished packing within 2 hours, the container made it to the Baltimore port safely and then was shipped out. Since our goods arrived in Panama before us, Richard worked directly with his contact in Panama to find storage for 1.5 months for us. When it was time to have the container delivered, I contacted the appropriate folks, gave them the date and time and they showed up, unloaded and were gone within 1-2 hours. Nothing was damaged and Richard kept in touch with me every step of the way. The price was fair and I paid a minimal amount at customs thanks to the agent of PriceBreak!Shipping.

Allison Hudgins



Goods arrived this morning.  7:15 AM Dec 27 , Unloading completed by 10.  3 large Every box arrived.

can you believe this, the 2 bottles of wine that I had set aside to send you were the only 2 broken!  Astounding  misfortune.  Everything else was in perfect condition


You did a good job, especially keeping us informed which I think is great service.  You can use me as a reference anytime.


Happy New Year, don’t drink and drive !!!!!  LOL


Steve Johson

Santander Spain Louisiana USA

Dear PriceBreak!Shipping

“Thanks to PriceBreak!Shipping  we are able to expand our products internationally, our sales have significantly risen.

Our customs base has grown substantially. We greatly appreciate your professional guidance

and providing us with quality customer service. Every business thinking of export/importing internationally

Should contact your company.”


Paul Baldovin

Vice President Global Business Development

To PriceBreak!Shipping,

“Your Port to Port International Shipping service is great. Everything went smooth.

We dropped of the goods in Chicago, our online account provided all the information.

Within 4 weeks are goods arrived to Yokohoma. We picked the goods with no hassle.

Your company does make the process a Breeze!”



Akiko Takashima

Yokohoma, Japan

Hi PriceBreak!Shipping

“I justwanted to drop a little thank you note on the wonderful service your company provided.

My container arrived to Jordan on time and everything went as planned. Your agent was very accommodating.

Thank you very much.



My experience with PriceBreak!Shipping was fantastic. I scheduled two separate shipments. My first shipment was from South Florida to Eastern Europe.

I was scheduled for a 40’container. The movers arrived on time and the Flat bed truck to load and secure my goods. They safely loaded my goods with the trailer and

Within a few hours all were done. The next morning the trucker came and picked up the container. My agent was Dawson Jones. He was in contact with me every day

Prior to my move and after. He provide information about destination logistics that really helped me out. His Eastern Europe counterparts were very professional and dealt with all the customs

And regulatory very well. Dawson provide a wonderful service and in general the customer service is great.

The next service I scheduled was with a small shipment site called This was for some boxes. I did the online booking for the pickup and the ocean

And the same day the truck arrived collected my goods South Florida and off to Europe's final-terminal. Everything was done online such as tracking, invoicing and my ocean bill of lading. Very very very good Service. What I did notice is that although this is self service, you are still provided the customer service and support I received for the full service.

I give two thumbs up for a company that really knows how to handle International shipping.

A greatfull and v. v. v. satisfied customer

S. Florida / E. Europe

 Valdimir Ochovsky


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